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  • Hans Fischmann

    Hans Fischmann

    Advertising, Video, Content…Not necessarily in that order.

  • Brian Steinberg

    Brian Steinberg

    Senior TV Editor at Variety who has been writing about the media and advertising industries since 1998. I also love to talk about music and the comics.

  • Dustin Nichols

    Dustin Nichols

    Founder/CEO at @PhlexGroup. Focused on sports startup, digital engagement, influencer marketing & sponsorship development. Hit me at dnichols@phlexgroup.com

  • Charley Warady

    Charley Warady

    A stand-up comedian and author in his Sixties relating to others what it’s like to be a Baby Boomer. FREEBIRD…Writer @Medium @Creative Cafe

  • Jim Stelmaski

    Jim Stelmaski

  • Susie Norris

    Susie Norris

    Cookbook author; arbiter of chocolate, cakes & confections; blogger on the loose as Food Market Gypsy.

  • Kenfincher


  • Brandon Shaw

    Brandon Shaw

    marathoner. coffee lover. diehard springsteen fan. avid reader and writer.mondo workaholic.lover of golden retrievers, media, people,RTs absolutely endorsements

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